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Our Great Mission in Christ

What is Our mission in Christ? Innate to the born again experience is something inside of us that yearns to see an end to all the evil and calamity this World finds itself in. Indeed Christ is the one who really opened up the way to see this accomplished. He did this when He took…
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Having the right attitude

The right Attitude in life ignites the flame of hope for our lives to go from hopelessness to wonderful glory. For me it has been the recognition that life is a journey and the Christian walk is full of trials and tribulations. When we are going through struggles and hard times we must cry out…
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Journey of Healing

Journey of Healing - I was a messed up young man 15-20 years ago. Deciding as a youngster to revolt against authority, the enemy raged inside of me and look out anyone who got in my way! I put immense pressure on myself to excel and I did well although I did not like myself…
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