Becoming a disciple of Christ is perhaps the most exhilarating adventure one can embark on. With limited knowledge and a zest to experience GOD, this is perhaps the most important and exciting time of our lives. But what do we achieve when we are young in the Lord. Nothing really makes sense does it? We all yearn to know everything we can. Water baptism may or may not happen early on but once people have tasted that the LORD is good and that this is their most solemn joy to receive and know Christ, then they are set for life.

I remember when I first came to Christ. I was an infant seeking milk, wanting to tell everyone about my new born faith. My word, there were many that were so patient with me as I shared my experience with them. I believed in telling everyone about Jesus Christ - I could not help it - there was a compulsion. Yes, many say that people are turned off but I do not know one person who was not intrigued about what I went through.

Now many things may become strange to us but we should not be surprised by this. Having no knowledge about Church or the Bible or Christianity, GOD can really use us to prompt people regarding where they are at in their own walk. Many of my parent's friends are Catholic and they have been a blessing to our family. Many have been confirmed or baptized but do not receive anything from Church. These people need to be reminded that God is watching over them, being patient for them to return to Him. See, many have committed apostasy and do not realize that God wants them to get to know Him through constant appointments in His Word, prayer and fellowship.

We all live in a World of uncertainty, a time when we suspect the Lord's return is nigh. Regardless of what we believe when it comes to the second coming, we need to be prepared to go through hardship and tough times. We may or may not have to endure the Great Tribulation but what we do need to do is expect Him to come in like a thief in the night - will we be ready? Will we have enough oil in our Lamps? Will the LORD recognize us when we come before Him? Will He put us in the Book of Life?

Discipleship comes at a big price. We need to have a Season with the LORD where there is little distraction. Because we are vulnerable when we first become a Christian, it is important to lead a life that includes structured reading of the Bible so we can learn and grow. Sure, when we first get into Scripture, we realize that this is different to everything we have read before. There is a time when we need others to share their faith and bring things into the light for us. No doubt, there are many questions and people need answers or the devil will entangle us with his lies.

It is not unusual for dangerous cults or practices to enter in and grapple with one's desires for the flesh when we are infants for Christ. That happened to me and it can happen to you so be on guard. There are many falsely motivated ministers that believe lies from the enemy that they too can become a god by purifying themselves and being tested. But such people need to be abhorred and dealt with in prayer. The written WORD cannot be added to, distorted and subtracted from. Any other sacred book needs to be put aside and removed from the possession of the disciple. We need Pastors that care and follow up new Christians regularly with a fresh word of encouragement that causes the disciple to grow. That way, the disciple will be transparent with the Pastor about dabbling into different things so that the Pastor can be aware of what to do and say to settle these matters early on.

Surely another big tactic of the enemy is to lure us into fortification and sexual sin. Such sin can become habits that are hard to break. As long as we are willing to break free from sexual addictions, the LORD is faithful to deliver us and break sins power. Jesus promised that as disciples we will witness healing by the laying of our hands and observe devils cast out. The Great Commission is about propelling the Gospel to a lost, perverse and depraved civilization. But GOD is the same today, yesterday and forever and He is just as faithful as ever to deliver us from our diseases today.

Friend, if you are a new Christian and young as a child of Christ, keep seeking and build on your faith. Do not let anyone or anything distract you from Christ. Find a good family and loving Church that will stand with you and press into Christ together to see you grow and thrive and break free from the bondage of the enemy. Remember, the devil wants to kill you, steal from you and destroy you. That is the reality of our Christian walk.

There is a war raging against us to strip us of our life and reward. Be a victor, wear the crown that the LORD provides and exercise your right to come against darkness like never before. Make sure you keep accountable to your Pastor and those that care for you. If you are aged a little, remember that it is never too late to receive Christ and His teaching. The WORD will set you free from baggage that you have carted round as a gentile.

But now is the time and the hour. Declare your love for HIM. Sing Him a psalm. Meditate on the scriptures, allow Him to be a light to your path. Seek Him in your darkest hour. Remember to confess and repent of your sin and enter into the rest that only the LORD can bring.

Bless you. Until next time.

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